We're user friendly

A love for the web, great design and the latest technologies means your project is more than just a job. Whatever the project size or challenge, we tackle it with the same enthusiasm and passion to keep our clients coming back year after year.


Jordan Koncz

Head of Front-End Development

Jordan is a perfectionist and has a passion for creating design excellence. He has been developing websites since 2006 and studied Software Engineering at Newcastle University.

Jordan believes in making websites that focus on the highest priority goals a client wishes to achieve with their website, and creating simple and elegant design solutions to reach those goals. He also believes in involving the client at all phases of the website development process to ensure they get the highest quality final result - no technical jargon knowledge required, just advice on how to do what you do best - run your business!

Jordan has experience with the leading web development frameworks and tools, and will ensure your website is cutting edge and delivered to the highest professional quality.


Clinton Ryan

Head of Systems Development

Clint has been building fast, beautiful and efficient software systems since 2006. Clint worked as the head of IT at the largest telecommunications training organisation in Australia, and studied Software Engineering at Newcastle University.

Clint believes that software should work for the user, not the other way around! As a result, software should be designed to reflect the needs of the client.

If there is a faster, more efficient way of solving a business problem - you'll be sure Clint wants you to know about it!


Bronwyn Reid

Marketing Consultant

Bronwyn has over 20 years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing, including extensive experience in the Private and Public Health Sector.

Bronwyn was the Director for Public Relations and Marketing for The Central Coast and The Hunter Area Health Services for over 10 years, and was the winner of The FIA Direct Marketing National Award of Excellence for the Central Coast Area Health Service Children's Ward Appeal. She has co-ordinated a wide variety of International, National and Regional projects and implemented several award winning campaigns - including campaigns for the NSW and Federal Government.

Bronwyn loves working with clients to help refine the marketing, editorial and overall message that their website will send to their respective target audience in order to get the best results!